The Media on My Mind: Adventures in Pop Culture: The Letter Killeth

Read the latest installment of The Media on My Mind, Adventures in Pop Culture: The Letter Killeth, at Clinical Psychiatry News. Here’s a sample:

It’s been said that academic rivalry is so vicious because the stakes are so small. For instance, psychoanalytic film theory occupies a tiny niche of a tiny niche of analytic and film scholarship. Yet the denunciations of some practitioners of this arcane discipline are so virulent that it seems the critics would eagerly consign film theorists to rack, thumbscrew, and flames.

I once hoped that narcissistically driven jealousy wouldn’t be encountered among academics who spend their lives searching for profound philosophical and spiritual truths, and probing the central issues of authentic, ethical being in the world. Like – well – theologians.


Joseph Cedar’s film, “Footnote,” is situated in the hermetically sealed world of Talmudic scholarship…

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