The new pretentiousness: Tips needed!

For an upcoming column on the new (or maybe old) pretentiousness, I am seeking examples where the name of a job pretentiously exceeds the modest parameters of that job. For instance, receptionist becomes, and I kid you not here, assistant public interface facilitator.

I’m also seeking examples of people taking huge offense on little or no cause, often around political correctness but not necessarily so. Example, again real: a friend was taking his blind friend to a scent garden, and asked in the vicinity of the garden directions from the sighted guide of a group of blind people. Instead of getting the directions, the friend (his blind friend next to him) received a tongue lashing from the tour leader because he had used the word “blind” instead of “visually impaired.” NO directions were forthcoming of course.

Any help greatly appreciated on both scores. Please send your tips to

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