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Video games, violence, and a false premise

Politicos and media experts of various stripes and credibility have predictably implicated violent video games in the Sandy Hook tragedy. In fact, it’s far from clear what, if indeed any role violent games, TV, or movies have played in the wave of public massacres besetting America – including the Sandy Hook slaughter. A complex cybernetic […]

‘The Master’ Explores Extremes of Human Behavior

“You’re a very bad man!” says “The Wizard of Oz’s” Dorothy Gale, after she discovers that the Wizard is actually an old carny flimflam artist. “Oh, no,” he replies. “I’m a very good man. I’m just a very bad wizard.” Dorothy’s Oz adventure interprets as a fantastic reworking of puberty’s rite of passage. The arc […]

The Widening Gyre: Transformations of the Omnipotent Quest During Adolescence

In the seminal contribution, Silverberg (1949) delineated the role of the quest for omnipotence in neurosogensis and normal personality development. drawing upon the formulations of Freud (1911, 1909) and Ferenczi (1913), he traced the infant’s passage from a theoretical state of ‘unconditional omnipotence’–marked by the sense of total gratification at a time of actual maximum helplessness–to […]